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Original Balkan Brass music is a unique style of ethno music which is loved and recognized worldwide, but taught nowhere… Until now.

Original Balkan Brass music traditionally accompanies every major event in the lives of Serbia’s rural and small communities: weddings and funerals, state and church festivals, births and baptisims. Traditional music is played on these occasions, thus preserving the spirit of the existing heritage. The music is very diverse: from indigenous melodies, marches, and characteristic southern Serbian Čoček dances all the way to tunes that have emerged more recently but always taking care to honour the old style.

This unique kind of music has appeared in award-winning films, soundtracks, and world music festivals; winning over the hearts of not only the local population but also of music lovers across the world.


Guča – the home of the biggest Balkan music festival in the world attended by several hundred thousand visitors each year is now the location of the only brass camp of its kind.

The village of Guča is located near the city of Čačak in the Dragačevo region of Western Serbia. Guča is a three-hour bus ride from Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city. It is famous for the annual Guča Trumpet Festival, which is held in it’s namesake village and is attended by several hundred thousand visitors each year.

Surrounded by the beautiful hills and valleys that make up this region of rural Serbia, Guča is a world capital of Original Balkan Brass music and a perfect place to be intruduced to this unique sound. It is a small community which nurtures the Serbian tradition and prides itself in it’s history and hospitality.


This unique style of music which was passed from generation to generation by oral tradition is now available for the first time as an organized course lead by professionals that have experience both in original Balkan brass bands and in classical studies.

Since Original Balkan Brass music is mostly passed on verbally from generation to generation, a group of Serbian musicians came up with the idea to use their rich experience and knowledge to share this vibrant tradition with musicians from around the world through short workshops specifically designed to introduce them to the basics and specifics of this unique way of playing.


Specialized instruction in Balkan music to brass players.


Classically trained professionals with extensive experience in Original Balkan Brass music


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